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How do I hang art on my wall within the Fittzy app?

Take a smart photo of your wall. Then, take a smart photo of your art and save it in an Album. When you’re ready, simply drag and drop art on to wall photo using the "Add" icon.

How do I create a collage on my wall?

First, make sure you’ve taken smart photos of your artwork and added them to your gallery. Then, hang them one by one on the wall using the "Add" icon.

How do I get a smart photo of my physical art or piece of decor that I already have at home?

Place your artwork on the wall (make sure it’s well lit). Take a smart photo using the smart code method or the known dimension method.

Remove the background from your photo using the "Crop" or "Extract" command. (Use the “Extract” command for irregularly shaped items).

Can I add the picture of a 3D object, such as a sofa, in my room?

Yes, as long as the item is placed against the wall, it will accurately scaled. The further away from the wall you pull the object, the more the item be out of scale. (You always have the option of manually resizing the item).



Can I Publish my designed photo to Inspiration Gallery?

Yes, as long as you have upgraded to a Pro status.  A Pro user can publish and maintain up to 3 photos in Fittzy's inspiration gallery.

Can I publish my art to the Art gallery?

Yes, as long as you have upgraded to a Art Partner account status.  An Art Partner can publish and maintain up to 20 Art Works in Fittzy's Art Gallery.

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Smart Photo

What is a Smart Photo?

A smart photo is a picture of an item that is scalable and can be measured.                                                                                                               

What is a Smart Code?

A Smart Code is a special kind of QR-code that helps your mobile device take a smart photo

Do you need a smart code in order to take a smart photo?

Not necessarily. If you know a specific dimension within the photo (such as the width of a mantel or height of a wall) you can capture a smart photo using the Fittzy app. 

How do I place a Smart Code on the wall?

A Smart Code can be placed on the wall in any orientation. Simply place the Smart Code flat on the wall and tape the corners down using blue painter's tape.

Where do I get a Smart Code?

The Fittzy app can create all your Smart Codes. Simply go to the “Print Smart Code” section of Fittzy and select the size of the Smart Code that you’d like to print. (Make sure your mobile device is connected to a printer).

What size Smart Code do I need?

The bigger the Smart Code, the bigger the field of view (that is, the more distance you’ll have from what you’re trying to decorate). A 6-inch smart code will allow you to capture most large-sized walls.

How do I get a Smart Code if I’m away from home?

The best thing to do is print Smart Codes and keep them with you in your wallet, phone case, car—any place where you can easily find them when you’re out shopping.