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Welcome to Fittzy!

Do you have blank walls and empty couches? Wouldn’t it be great to see how a new painting or a pillow would look—before you buy it? Now can with Fittzy, a unique app for your iPhone or iPad that lets you digitally decorate any room in your house or apartment. Simply snap a photo of your wall or room with Fittzy Smart Capture, then choose artwork and accessories from Fittzy’s Product and Art Marketplace to see how these items would look in your home. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Search the web with our integrated browser, grab a photo of your favorite product or piece of art, and import it to Fittzy. Within seconds, you’ll see what it would look like in your home!

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Step 1

Select Products from Fittzy Marketplace

See inspirational designs and Import products from participating stores.

Step 2

Take a Photo of Your Design Space

Take a scale aware (smart) photo of your space with Fittzy app.

Step 3

See Products in Your Design Space

Visualize your design ideas with your selected products.

Step 4

Buy Products from Your Design

Click on "BUY" link to purchase products directly from participating stores.

          For Consumers:

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  • Use Fittzy to see how furnishings and art fit in your space—before you buy them
  • The perfect way to try out new design ideas without multiple trips to the store
  • Have a to-scale photo of your space on your mobile device while you’re shopping
  • Browse Fittzy's Inspiration gallery for design ideas from industry professionals
  • Easily collaborate with family, friends, and decorators to get the exact design you want



For Real Estate Agents, Designers and Art Consultants:

  • Use Fittzy to let your clients see how your products will fit in their house or apartment
  • A great tool to communicate with customers, sellers, buyers, contractors on all your design projects
  • Increase your customer reach with Fittzy’s unique, easy-to-use design tools
  • Use Fittzy as a to-scale design tool for customer presentations
  • Document your site visits and capture each change your clients want to make
  • Three ways to choose decorating products and artwork: (1) Choose from the Fittzy marketplace, (2) import directly from the web, or (3) import from your own personal photo inventory
  • Use Fittzy to make changes—large or small—to your designs and let clients approve them during each step of the design process
  • Publish your promotional art design ideas in the Fittzy Inspiration Gallery


For Artists:

  • Increase sales by displaying your artwork in Fittzy’s Art marketplace
  • Reach potential customers worldwide—with no new marketing
  • Use Fittzy as your mobile product gallery
  • Publish your promotional art design ideas in Fittzy’s Inspiration Gallery




For Retailers:

Retailer 3.jpg

  • Use Fittzy’s app while customers are shopping in your store to help them decide size, fit and look
  •  Place your products in Fittzy's marketplace and reach new customers worldwide
  • Reduce product returns due to wrong size, look, or feel
  • Promote your brand
  • Publish promotional design ideas in Fittzy’s inspiration gallery



For Art Galleries:

  • Use Fittzy while customers are in your gallery to help them decide on size, fit and look
  • Upload your art into Fittzy’s built-in gallery so customers can see how your pieces fit into their home
  • Increase your global reach as new customers discover your offering
  • Publish your promotional art design ideas in Fittzy’s Inspiration Gallery
  • Use Fittzy as a mobile gallery to display your entire inventory