Step 1

Select Products from Fittzy Marketplace

See inspirational designs and Import products from participating stores.

Step 2

Take a Photo of Your Design Space

Take a scale aware (smart) photo of your space with Fittzy app.

Step 3

See Products in Your Design Space

Visualize your design ideas with your selected products.

Step 4

Buy Products from Your Design

Click on "BUY" link to purchase products directly from participating stores.

Popular Usages

      Shop Fittzy product and art marketplaces for the products you like, then drag-and-drop your selections into your design space

      See how artwork and design accessories look in your home or apartment—before you buy them

      Moving? Use Fittzy to see how your current furnishings will fit into your new space

      Virtually paint your entire room. No more paint swatches that only cover a tiny portion of your walls

      See how a collage of your favorite artwork might look before you put nail holes in the wall

      Keep to-scale blueprints of all of your Fittzy designs in case you want to changes things in the future

      Estimate paint and materials for your design product using Fittzy’s built-in measurement tools

      Turn your mobile device into a tape measure using Fittzy’s to-scale photos

      Know how big your spaces are before you shop

      Get design help from family and friends by sharing your Fittzy designs

      Try dozens of design ideas without lifting a finger. Don’t like where you placed that picture or pillow? Use the Eraser tool and it’s gone

      Refine your decorating style by using Fittzy to build a library of your favorite items


Product Attributes

      Available on iPhone and iPad platforms

•    Runs on iOS (versiion 7 and later)

      Designs synch on all of your devices

      Cloud backup and auto-sync of your images

      Extensive library of beautiful room designs from decorating professionals and your favorite designers

      Choose to-scale smart products from many of your favorite retailers

      Choose fine art from Fittzy’s collection of independent artists and galleries

      Categorize your photos into projects using Fittzy’s album feature

      Import your photos from the web

      Global and real-time measurement settings


Tool Description:


Crop - Resize the dimensions of your design space

Line Ruler - Measure length of item within your design space by dragging ends of ruler to each side of your item

Box Ruler - Measure length and width of your item by dragging box around the edge of your item

Extract - Remove background of item to be used within your design space

Import - Bring an item into Fittzy from the web or your mobile device gallery to be used within your design space

Erase - Remove parts of your design space that you do not want

Paint - See how a different color on a wall within your design space before committing to buying the paint

Trace Icon.png

Trace - Measure along a line, a curve or measure an areas by simply dragging your finger along the edges

Rotate - Rotate an item within your design space, or the whole space itself

Annotate - Document your design journey by adding notes or comments. Allows for easy collaboration with others

Frame - Choose the colors of a mat and frame to surround a picture

Actual Size - See an item within your design space to scale, at its actual size in comparison to other items within the design space

Perspective Icon.png

Perspective - Change the perspective of your item so that it will blend into your design space

Filter Icon.png

Filter - Modify your search in the Fittzy marketplace with options such as style, brand, color, price, or size